Audio is very quiet through my headphones

So, I am new to using Dorico on PC. I had been using Dorico 2 on my Macbook with no issues for a long time, but I recently got a desktop PC (Win 10 home 64-bit) and thought I’d start writing my music on that instead. I can get the sound to come through the very poor quality monitor speakers, but when I set Dorico up to use my headphones, the volume is super low. No, it is not because my dynamics are low or that my volume is turned down (volume is at 100%). I followed the audio troubleshooting guide on YouTube, but it did not address this particular issue. Under device setup I have Generic Low Latency ASIO selected at 44100 sample rate. On the Device Control Panel I have the “Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)” selected as my output port. The only option for Stereo Output is “Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) 1, Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) 2.” I even made sure to select the proper format for the Realtek Speakers (16 bit, 44100 Hz). YouTube is working at the proper volume, but Dorico is super quiet. Am I missing something?

How about the Windows Volume Mixer, is there the VSTAudioEngine maybe turned down?
Have Dorico open and then in your Taskbar is a little speaker icon, right click on that and do Open volume mixer. Then have a look for the VSTAudioEngine fader, is that one also at maximum level?

[SOLVED] Thanks for the quick response! I just checked the volume mixer; everything was up 100% and it was still quiet. (I also tried muting the VSTAudioEngine out of curiosity, and it did not mute the sound which I found strange). This got me experimenting more with the device control panel in Dorico where I figured out the solution! For some reason, my computer has 3 different Realtek audio output ports, and instead of using “Speakers” I had to use “HD Audio 2nd output” (making sure that the sound output in the Windows taskbar matched of course). I can’t play YouTube at the same time with this setup (Audio renderer error), but its much better than before. If there is a solution that allows me to play YouTube while Dorico is open, that would be great; however the present setup will do for now. As a side note, the sample rate in Dorico (44100) and the sample rate of the Realtek HD Audio (48000) did not even need to match for it to work for some reason; I changed the sample rate of the Realtek to 44100 just to be safe though as I wasn’t sure how that would affect my CPU and memory usage. Again, thanks for the quick response!

@josh_kriegl , good that you figured this one out. In regards to not being able to watch YouTube at the same time, please have a look at this thread.

Often playing a file with a mismatched audio rate will sound, but the pitch may be off by about a semitone and the speed slightly different than notated.

I forgot about that part in the tutorial video! This worked. Thanks!

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Gotcha. Good to know. Thank you!