Audio issues Elements 12

Hi, I’m pretty new to this whole thing but have been experiencing so me major latency/audio issues. I’m running cubase on a laptop with 16gb ram, i5 pro 6th gen processor. I’ve been using it for a few months with little or no issues once I had set up the asio latency correctly. Recorded last week with no problems. Today I turned on to just jam along with the tracks I’ve already recorded. On playback the audio was stalling and crackling and when I turned on the monitor on the guitar track to play along I got instant spikes on the audio performance meter even though I wasn’t even holding the guitar. When I tried to play the guitar there was massive latency and distortion of the audio. I can’t figure out why it was fine last week and today completely messed up. The laptop is only used for cubase. I have a tascam us 2x2hr audio interface, ezdrummer2, 2 different guitar plugins and a bass plugin. The songs don’t have loads of tracks, drums,bass and 2 guitar tracks both duplicated. Any help appreciated

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use the Tascsm ASIO driver? You could maybe try the virtual ASIO driver ASIO4ALL invested (I expect you are on Windows).

Yes,I’m using the tascam asio driver,running on Windows 10

What plugins are you using. Do you have any on the master section?

No plugins for n the master section, I’m using a Fortin NTS plugin on one guitar track, Neural dsp soldano plugin on the other guitar track and a joey Sturgis bass plugin