Audio Issues

I’m experiencing two audio-related issues: I can’t seem to get any sound out of Dorico, and I’m sporadically getting “audio engine process died” messages resulting in a crash when trying to boot Dorico. I’ve had similar problems in the past but have since had to reload everything on my computer due to hard drive failure. I also recently updated to Dorico 5. I readily admit that I’m not very tech-savvy, nor do I have virtually any knowledge in the audio realm. Help with getting these issues resolved would be greatly appreciated.

Dorico (424.3 KB)

Hi @cvwaymeyer ,
in that moment when you created the diagnostics report, there was certainly no sound, because no VSTinstrument was loaded to generate the audio. If you go to the Play mode and select from the menu Play > Playback Template (and choose one of the HALion templates), then wait until the Play button becomes green, if you then press Play, does still no sound come out?

The diagnostics contain always logs of the last 10 runs and the audio engine always shut down properly during those last 10 runs. If you get that ‘audio engine process died’ message again, please create a new diagnostics report and post here. Thanks

Hi Ulf, thanks for your reply! I just tried every option under Playback Template but got nothing.

I guess actually Dorico hasn’t typically been crashing when I get that message, it just stops responding so that I have to close it. That just happened again.

Dorico (312.2 KB)

Thanks very much for the data.
Interestingly, it all looks fine to me, so I don’t see a reason why it should be mute with you.
Please try the following: Start a new project from piano template and enter a few bars of arbitrary notes. Then switch the metronome on and start playback. Can you at least hear the metronome beeping then?

Oddly, I couldn’t even get the green playback line to advance when I tried that. I tested it with each of the Playback Templates, as well as with and without the metronome. Usually the green line is moving along without any sound.

Could we have a remote screen sharing session?

That would be great, thank you! Please let me know about your availability for that.

I’ve sent you a private message via this forum, please check.