Audio Level Problem

It is with much gratitude to all of you who assist here on the forum that I can now present to you the issue that has me perplexed. This problem has occurred in several projects I have worked on and it is always focused on the playback level of the tenor sax. You can hear that the level for the tenor is very faint in comparison to the other instruments. I have been looking around in play mode to find the answer, but I have not yet found it. I could substitute some other tenor sax options. However, I would like to get some feedback before moving on. Then I can revisit other projects and make necessary corrections to the playback problem I am encountering.
Tenor Sax Playback.dorico (796.9 KB)

The issue is the specific tenor sax patch in use for that instrument. I suggest you try Bright Tenor Sax NoteExp instead of Tenor Sax VX. I can’t figure out what controller is required to change the dynamic of the Tenor Sax VX patch, but perhaps somebody else does.