Audio loop and midi file locations

Hello. New Cubase user. In Cubase I can easily see Sonar’s included audio and midi files through the Media tab. Great that these locations can be saved for easy access.

I do however still use Sonar for some existing projects. I would like to use some of Cubase’s audio loops and midi files in Sonar, but I can’t find them in Sonar’s browser.

Can someone point me in a satisfying direction so I can find Cubase’s included audio and midi files? I would like to consolidate all of these on my computer for use in either DAW? I have Cubase 9.5, Win10, both latest editions.


You may want to look here:

mediabay3.db file

I don’t know if you will be able to use Cubase’s files in other DAW without exporting them first. I believe they contain more than just simple audio and midi data.

What I would suggest is creating folders for your exported files from other DAWs.

I believe you are correct in that I wont be able to use them in other DAW’s without exporting them first. I have started making folders/favorites in the MediaBay for the audio and midi files I have elsewhere. Thanks.