Audio Looping function!

Hey Everyone,
Is it possible to loop audio like ableton in this kind of manner (See below Video at 36:50 or the picture).
Or only through the event scroll.

Video Example:

Or this video at 36:50


I’m sorry, this is not possible in Cubase. You would need to make a Sample Track and change the loop length there. Then you trigger the sample by a MIDI Message.

Oh so Sad to hear this as this, because its insane speed workflow and cubase has so powerful features this will be a huge upgrade, any chance to be implemented in near future updates?.



Add this is a feature request, add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

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Done, Thank you very much!

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The closest Cubase gets to this is by copying a single event first,
then select all events to be modified,
then hold the modifier keys that allow you to move the content. On PC by default this is Ctrl+Alt, I assume Mac to be Cmd + Opt.

You do not open the Sample Editor for this but do it directly in the project view.

You can, of course, also change the start point of each event simultaneously this way.
It is a slightly different, more general approach to this particular way of audio editing but achieves the same result in almost the same time.

However, I have to say, I like the feature of Ableton. Looks pretty neat. Steinberg could change the “Independent Track Loop” to something like “Loop in Event”.

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Hey thanks for sharing your technique!

I am aware of this option however it do not snap to grids and has a limit of a much you can scroll, if you have short sample loop or shots it will stop scrolling once it reach the limit of the event so cant be a solution.

I have found a bit of annoying work around with the independent loop track the bounce using range tool, lets hope Steinberg see this thread and consider it potential feature to add .

I get you.
A small correction on this one, as people mix this up frequently: Cubase will stop to scroll once you reach the limit of the clip (and therefore the audio file). This is because events can only show the content of a clip/audio file and not “nothing”.
I’d like to see this feature added. But given Steinberg’s track record in this area I think it is unlikely. Your best chance would probably be to call Hans Zimmer and convince him to convince Steinberg that this is a must have. :grin:

Then its a done deal as i might see his friend next month, will have this feature added Cubase is too good of a DAW to switch to Live 12, ill make sure its added.