Audio lost when input channels added

CUBASE PRO Build 8.5.10. When Empty project is created the default audio input and output channels work OK, but when more (existing from ASOI device) input tracks are added in VST Connections the audio is gone, both from the formerly working track on the default input/output and for any other input assignment.
Removing these added input tracks from VST Connections, leaving just the default input track, returns the audio, but of course, only on the default input track! This happens with both VST instruments and audio tracks. A reset of the ASIO device does nothing to change this. Was working OK in 8.0. Tried reboot several times with no change. Mackie Onyx 1220i,Windows 10 64, 8G ram.

Solved the problem! The latest Windows update had corrupted the driver for the Mackie 1220i somehow. Removing and re-installing the driver returned Cubase to working state with all busses enabled.