Audio/MIDI cuts


I am a sixth form student creating music for my A Levels and for my personal fun and I’m reasonably new to Cubase.

I’ve been experiencing an issue recently with Cubase 9.5 where MIDI and audio from tracks randomly stop playing. I think it may be to do with a plugin (genesis pro) that I downloaded using jBridge although I can’t be sure (the plugin is very CPU intensive so I thought the issue might be down to a CPU overload). The random cuts in the audio seem to be in different places each time, but on one song which I had worked on for a longer period of time, it is more or less at the same time on the same track (but sometimes audio from other tracks cut out as well). I think it could also be linked to the fact that Cubase seems to output random bursts of static/white noise quite frequently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve just found as well that these static noises are actually outputting from the tracks, like when the noise plays I can EQ it and it actually changes the sound of the noise if that makes sense.