Audio/Midi Interface

Hi everyone, i have an audio interface which works fine, if i was to buy a budget audio/midi interface, would this mean i could record midi out from a keyboard direct into midi in on the interface which would then record into the daw? and could i then convert the midi into audio? or would i then have to assign a vst instrument to the recorded midi for playback within the daw?
any advice is appreciated
thank you


If there is a MIDI In on the Audio/MIDI device, and your keyboard has a MIDI Out, then you can connect it this way. You will then record to the DAW (Cubase).

If your keyboard also has a MIDI In and of it’s a Sound generator (Synthsyzer, Sampler, ROMpler…), then you can send the MIDI data from your DAW (Cubase) via the Audio/MIDI Device to the keyboard/Sound generator. Or you can use Virtual Instruments as a Sound generator.

Yes you can record MIDI using your audio/MIDI interface… and record it into cubase.

MIDI by itself does not make a sound… you have to route it to a sound module/ instrument for that. So, you’ll have to render audio separately from your instruments if you wish to work on audio files.

thx guys, i want all the sounds to be played in cubase, so i would assign a vst instrument in cubase and then render to audio?

Yes… depending on your requirements, you can either render an individual intrument/MIDI part or render the entire project as a mixdown.

In Cubase, the “render” we call by MixDown (just FYI). :wink:

thx everyone, has anyone had any experience with the focusrite 2i4?
thank you

Just to be clear…if you already have an audio interface that you are happy with, you don’t have to buy an audio plus midi interface for this…you can just use a midi/usb interface.

Like one of these for example:

Ahaaa !! thx Grim i have one of them :slight_smile: