Audio & Midi interfaces have SMPTE in/out, can I use this?

Audio Interface - MOTU 828 mkii USB
Midi Interface - Midisport 8x8s

So I noticed both interfaces have SMPTE in and out. I’m unfamiliar with how this works, but can I use this for anything? Thanks!

SMPTE time code was used (maybe even used today) to synchronize audio, video and film equipment with each other. During the ages when dinosaurs roamed on the Earth I used it to sync my PC (MIDI sequencer) to my multitrack tape recorder. I can’t see any reason to use it nowadays unless you have some real special things going on. In plain English: If you need to ask, you don’t need it.

More info here:

And if you are even more interested in the topic, what these SMPTE in/out features in your interfaces do, is really just converting MIDI time code to SMPTE time code and vice versa.