Audio mix down from Midi to Wav file in cubase le8

I have been trying to make a wav file from my midi recording. I have been working for hours on this - I feel confident I am putting in all the information I need to but the audio is coming out in a straight line and there is no sound. Can someone please help me. I urgently need to make a wav file and I just can’t seem to find the answer to this problem.

You haven’t listed any details about your computer specs or what things (or procedure) you tried, so…

I don’t think CB LE8 has the “Render in Place” function so I am listing the method you would do if it doesn’t.

Assuming you recorded a midi track, assigned a VST instrument and sound to it, and you can hear the midi track when played from your stereo output bus.

From here your typical procedure to create a .wav file from that would be to go to the file>export>audio mixdown menu. On the left side choose the specific channel you want to mixdown (or just choose the stereo out channel if the project only has the one midi track). On the right side choose the wav file format and hit the export button. It should save the file to wherever you told it to (you could have had it saved directly to the project and pool if you picked that option).

So that’s the procedure. Try it out and see what happens. If it works, great. If not, please list some detail of what you did and the result.

Good luck

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Are you using “MS Wavetable Synth”? - Don´t do that - use VSTis