Audio mix down loses amplitude

Hi, I am trying to mx down a vocal track after comping to create a single stem. I want to use some of the other takes for ‘doubling’. When I mix down, the amplitude and volume of the new stem is lower? The wav measures up to -12 in the original and then - 20 or so in the new wav.

Anyone know why?


What plugins (don’t forget the built in channel settings) are on the Mix.Bus or Output channels?


Hi Tom, I have no plugins on the output channel at all. I have done a mix down of both the individual track and the Output channel and they have both dropped in amplitude?




Is the fader of the tracks set to 0? Is the Stereo Out Channel’s fader set to 0?

Do you use the Audio Event Volume (Info Line) parameter? Do you use any Direct Offline Process?

Sussed it! Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the volume setting in in the inspector.