Audio Mixdown auto track select similar to aaf export

I love how when I go to do an aaf export, cubase knows what tracks to export if I select all the events and they auto select the tracks, then there is no need to check the boxes in the choices of tracks to export as it is already done when the prompt opens.
I wish there was a similar feature in the export audio mixdown. Say for example I have batch export selected in export audio mixdown, when I select all the events / tracks I want to export, it will automatically know what tracks it needs to export so it will automatically select those tracks, and if there are more than one midi track connected to an instrument track, the export process would happen as many times as there are instruments attached to that track so you would get all the audio files that represent every track be it midi or audio or instrument.

If there is a feature that does this already please let me know.
Thank you for these amazing tools.