Audio mixdown contains muted tracks

I want to export all tracks in my project except vocal track. I have tried to mute the vocal track, but it still is included in the mixdown export.
Please help.

Can you give more details in as how exactly do you export and how exactly you muted the vocal track?
Possibly accompanied by some screenshots?

Here is my project in Cubase 12. As you see, the two vocals tracks are muted. If I play this, I do not hear vocal, just the instrumental part as in a karaoke.

Now, I did export->Audio Mixdown . I am selecting the stereo out. (I can’t include screen shot as the site says there is a limit of one) The resulting mp3 is expected to be a karaoke, i.e. without vocal tracks, but it is the entire song with the vocals.
What am I doing wrong? My intention is to create a karaoke mp3 file as the exported output.



Here is the export screenshot

And this is the project screenshot.