Audio mixdown contains muted tracks

I want to export all tracks in my project except vocal track. I have tried to mute the vocal track, but it still is included in the mixdown export.
Please help.

Can you give more details in as how exactly do you export and how exactly you muted the vocal track?
Possibly accompanied by some screenshots?

Here is my project in Cubase 12. As you see, the two vocals tracks are muted. If I play this, I do not hear vocal, just the instrumental part as in a karaoke.

Now, I did export->Audio Mixdown . I am selecting the stereo out. (I can’t include screen shot as the site says there is a limit of one) The resulting mp3 is expected to be a karaoke, i.e. without vocal tracks, but it is the entire song with the vocals.
What am I doing wrong? My intention is to create a karaoke mp3 file as the exported output.



Here is the export screenshot

And this is the project screenshot.

Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed the notification that you replied.

Your settings look correct, nothing unsuaul to see. Would the vocals disappear from the mixdown if you mute the individual audio events on the vocal tracks?

Thanks Johnny for your reply.

I have tried muting the vocal track. But the mixdown stubbornly includes the vocals in the exported file.
I have even tried backing up the project in a different directory and deleted the vocal track entirely. Even then, the exported mixdown contains vocals, as if it ‘remembers’ the location of the vocals in the original project.

This is not normal behaviour so it’s either a corrupt project, corrupt preferences or user error.

Create a blank new project and import all the tracks. Is the behaviour the same?

Re-start Cubase in Safe mode. Is the behaviour the same?

Create a Back-up using Cubase’s Back-up Project option. Is the behaviour the same?

Then delete the tracks in the new version and also the vocal wave files from the pool. Is the behaviour the same?

Finally, are you sure the exported version is a new version each time?

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On occasion I’ve had a Track sneak into the mix because its Visibility was set to Hidden.

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Hidden tracks are not shown in the track list of the Audio Export dialogue?

Humm, don’t know about that. Not at Cubase to check, but I’d assume they would be shown.

But I just mean I’ve thought I’d Muted a Track, and I had. But I didn’t Mute the Hidden copy of that Track so it still played.


Hidden tracks both appear in the Export Audio Mixdown window tracks list and are included in the mixdown, here. And, as long as I remember, muted track(s) aren’t included in the latter, which is a logical behavior to me.

So, I second @planarchist first statement : something either is wrong in the OP setup (corrupted preferences ?) or there is something in the project related audio files that isn’t right. I would look more closely at what is listed in the Pool window…

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