Audio Mixdown Export

First time trying to export audio mixdown -> .wav … pretty straighforward … .wav plays and sound fine … however any attempt to create an audio CD using the .wav file creates an error “Error Decoding Mucis Files” … anyone know why this might be?

Hi there,

the Wave file needs to be 16bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo if the burn application can not convert the files.



Hi Marcus,

Thanks for that … dug into the manual too … set to 16bit and added 16bit dithering plugin … and all working great :slight_smile:

My observation would be like so many things in Cubase it isn’t very intuitive … I really do think it’s time Steinberg invested in some serious UX expertise … just my viewpoint.


Hi Howser,

the Red Book Standard / CD Audio is from 1980 ( If I remember right) and Cubase supports many more Bit- depths and Resolutions for the Audio- Export.



I like the way Wavelab works in this repect. It has a preset system so you can simply use the system presets (e.g. MP3 or CD Quality, etc) or you can delve into the details and get at the nuts and bolts. This idea helps the novice to get going quickly and also allows the power user to tailor their system for efficient operation. Best of all worlds I’d say.