Audio mixdown Freezing


Got this problem when trying to export audio mixdown. It freezes immediatly at the start at 0%.I have tried to export it to mp3, wav, flac ect. Always the same.

Version is Artist 10.0.50. I tried to update to 10.0.60 but then came error “gui not found” when starting Cubase. I uninstalled Cubase and Downloaded and installed it again and still export not working. This happens with or without vst plugins loaded.


I don’t know the “GUI not found” message. Could you please attach screenshot of the message? Maybe the issues are linked.

This happened when I updated to 10.0.60 but I uninstalled Cubase and installed 10.0.50 and “gui not found” error is not coming. But this audio mixdown stops immediatly when starting and then I have to use “force shutdown”. There are no other issues than export.


Could you use Microsoft ProcDump utility to make a DMP file, when Cubase is freezing, please?