Audio Mixdown is much slower and at a lower key

Whenever I do an audio mixdown and i play the song back in itunes, it’s at a much slower tempo and the key has been dropped so it sounds out of tune next to a keyboard. i think i have everything at 41khz and such, all the default settings, but i dont know how to play it back as it was recorded in cubase?

if you need any more information, just tell me how to get it and ill give it. its rather irritating.

Really sounds like a sample rate mismatch, have a look at the files properties and see if you can identify the sample rate.

the audio file is at 44.00khz, is there any way i can change the settings or khz rate to match that of the raw cubase file, cause its a drum and bass track which i want to play guitar too, but obviously if its in the wrong key and tempo it’ll sound odd. this is for my music GCSE tomorow, so any very quick simple speedy response would be lavely.


You need to check that you are mixing down to 44.1Khz in cubase and/or your soundcard is set to 44.1Khz

can you play the file in windows media player or similar.


I notice in your sig you are using a different card to play back on? why?

my sound card is set to 44.1. ive tried unclicking the “high quality version” waiting to see the results.

oh, i should probably change that, my output is through the Audiophile now, too.
it was just cause the computer wouldnt start for some reason without the audigy. ive disabled it now though, all good in the hood.

okay, still the same problem. :confused: my sound card is set to 44.1, the export rate is 44.1, what else can i try?

Ah your exporting to Mp3…

well make sure the mp3 attributes are set to 44.1Khz

If your project is at 44.1 and your exporting to 44.1 then it must be your playback?

Check your soundcard is at 44.1 when playing back the file.

cheers, dude. got it all figured out in the end.

Well, Do tell

restart the pc :slight_smile: worked fine.