audio mixdown issues

I have been using cubase for years now & for some weird reason i have been getting a lot of quality compromise on mix down now. Mix sounds great during the process but as soon as it’s exported, forget about it. All quality & dynamics are gone.
Im using a Apogee Symphony i/o 2, Focal Treo Monitors , a lunch box full of goodies, a dangerous monitor playback system. Im not sure if i need to deselect Externally Clocked, not sure if i need to select something to save myself the headaches of the aftermath. Im really hoping someone can lend advice that can change this problem forever. feel free to email some suggestions to

looking forward to some positive responses.

Hi and welcome,

When you export it, where do you listen to the file then?

Make sure you are not using any plug-ins in the Control Room. Those plug-ins are for monitor only, these are not applied to the exported file.