Audio mixdown multiple stereo and mono channels

Is possible to export multiple channels in dependency on channel type (mono channel to mono wav, stereo ch. to stereo wav)? Audio mixdown allways creates all stereo wavs or all mono wavs only. It’s based on mixdown settings and does not reflect channel type. Another PITA is mixdown of multiple regions or markers etc. in one step, cubase knows only one single block with locators - for inspiration see Reaper 4 - how to export multiple regions.

Cubase and Reaper are DIFFERENT programs written with differing use scenarios.
Maybe you need to study Cubase as much as Reaper to see where Cubase can be more useful to you. Cubase has a more deliberate approach to a lot of processes where the end intention is that the user makes less mistakes.
Things take longer but, especially if your Project is commercial and involves many thousands of pounds, the job is a little more secure.
I suppose for free gig demos and YouTube slots speed may be of the essence but then a DAW like Reaper would be the one to use.

Try a dummy run with the Export function and really explore it to see what it can do. See what those unused pop-ups and buttons do. You may get a nice surprise.

And before you buy a DAW always make sure it does the jobs YOU want doing although Cubase does so many jobs that’s not always easy. Don’t buy one for what you THINK it will do.

Try this:

Thanks for the replies and tips for the video - seems that routing to mono/stereo output bus will force mono/stereo render. The page helps a lot!

I just do 2 exports per project etc, one for mono (checking the mono mix down in export) and one for stereo, as it’s faster than real time it’s not such a big issue.

Try doing the same in Logic or Pro tools…