Audio Mixdown Problem

mixblast.tiff (16 KB)
Never had this happen, had Nuendo for 10 years. Have 5.5 on an imac running 10.6.8 4GB Memory 1333 MHz DDR3 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3.

I have done plenty of feature stereo mixes and this is the first I’ve had an output problem. Every 10 minutes or so, about ten time, for a few second the mix goes to a white noise blast, ruining the output. Of course it is not there in the session. Unless my computer is frying I am at a loss and will have to try a real time output or even worse redigitize through my analogue outs to a digital recorder.

Anyone else?

I’ve had that happen with a failing hard drive.

Good luck!


Chewy, thankyou. I did try an export to another drive, which had more free space. The one I was using not only had the Nuendo session running but I was exporting to it also. It had less than 10 gig available. Although the drive might be failing when I exported to the second drive (had 25g avail) it worked fine. I was taxing the single drive too much most likely.

Failing hard drive - yep. It’s six years later now, and your post solved my problem. Out of the blue, blasts of white noise on a simple audio mixdown output from a solitary audio track in a project. No MIDI, no plugins, no samples. But the project and the export folder were on the same external drive, which has performed as you would expect for a few years. So I worked from the backup copy of the project on a separate drive, and exported to a further separate drive, and the problem disappeared. There was only 5.5GB of space on that original drive - maybe not enough? Thanks for putting me on the right track.

Still here for you, man! :wink:


Oh my, your reply made me feel all warm inside!!!