Audio Mixdown Questions

I have gotten to the point of creating a cd to finalize some of my jazz trio, quartet and folk music on. I am successfully creating the exported WAV file at 16bit. I believe I might be off on the process just a bit.

The added mixdown track plays a about a 50% reduction in output despite the fact that all nuances of the performances are there. Am I missing a step or a click somewhere?

Additionally, I would like to simply burn the mixed down track to the CD burner and my best knowledge is that this is a drag and drop event, true?

Thanks for the help…


Do you mean, other records are louder? This is question (mainly) of mixing (and mastering). In any case jazz is not mixed as high volume as modern electronic/dance music.

Thanks Martin.

I appears as though the recorded tracks are much louder than the mixdown. To get the same levels from playback on the mixdown I really need to increase the Babyface Pro output nearly double.

How are you playing back the mixdown? Import to the same project and solo the track…is it still different?

Is your master fader set at 0dB ?

Have you compared your mix to a cd played on the same system. It might well be that if you are using Media Player your soundcard is playing back at less volume. You should check the routing, as this has happened to me.

I have muted the other tracks and played back the mixdown track that shows up after the mixdown. Visually, there is about the same difference in peaks as the volume. I have not yet burned the CD probably feeling that IT would be low output as well but I’ll give that a try. Master fader is at 0dB

Thanks ALL for the input.

If you have exported the ‘stereo out’ in the Export Audio Mixdown window and your master faders are set to 0dB at all times, and when you play back the file you take care to de-activate all effects on the Master Stereo out channel, then your exported file (when you solo it on the imported file track) will match the level of your mix.

Also make sure that no channels have their monitor buttons accidentally enabled before you do the mixdown.

P.S. You can easily check the loudness of your mix and the mixdown file using the loudness meter. Look at the ‘Integrated’ value.

Please clarify.

Burning a CD will make no difference to the level of the file.

Well, Thank you to all… SOLVED. Peakae, I must apologize. I would have wagered big on the fact that the master fader is at “0dB” but for an unknown reason… The master fader got dropped down very low.

This has made the difference and thank you.

Stingray…Thank you for the additional input…

Glad you sorted it Al.

Personally, I would render it out and listen to it side by side with several jazz CDs, outside of Cubase. Then you get a real world reference. If you can A/B your outputs, then that should give some reference. That could go a long way for setting levels on your next project/track.

Now, when do we get to listen? :sunglasses:

Thanks Robin… When I get this near finished, I’ll send you a file or post it…

Amazing that when you think you have all the bases covered there is something you see SO many times that you pass right over it…but just ONE thing knocks down…and it should have been obvious