Audio Mixdown Silent

Apologies if this has already been asked.
I’ve been using Cubase for many years, but no guarantee that I’m not doing something Stupid.
Since I’ve upgraded to Cubase 9, I’ve got a problem when exporting audio, using the File / Export / Audio Mixdown command.

It’s a bit inconsistent, but this is the typical behaviour.

  • I create a new project
  • Record some tracks e.g. a couple of audio tracks
  • Set the locators
  • Try to export the audio

Cubase will create the output file, not empty, a few MBs in size, but the file will contain silence (same symptom for wav or mp3). If I open the output file in an audio editor, all I see is a flat line.

A few details

  • The audio mixdown process – which I’d expect to take maybe 10 seconds, completes in less than half a second.
  • Old projects which I created prior to Cubase version 9, still export ok when loaded into cubase 9
  • If I select “real-time export” in the audio mixdown dialog box, it will usually – but not always export correctly. If it always worked, I’d probably be happy and not even bother mentioning the problem, but I’ve had projects where it didn’t work and I couldn’t export the audio.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received



Could you try to change a settings of your Buffer Size and ASIO Guard, please?

When you playback the project, can you hear the sound?

Thanks for the suggestion but no joy.

Yes when I play back the project I hear sound with no problems.

Change buffer size

Changed Buffer size - 512 samples to 1024

  • No difference
  • Exit and restart
  • No difference
    Change to 256
  • No difference
  • Exit and restart
  • No difference

Asio Guard

Was enabled, Changed to disabled

  • No difference
  • Exit and restart
  • No difference

Make sure you have no Batch Export selected in the Export Audio Mixdown window and make sure the Stereo Out bus is selected for the export, please.

Batch export not selected, and stereo out is selected

Thanks again

And Stereo Or is your default out on the VST Connections, right?