Audio Mixdown speed

Hi everyone,

wondering why the “single” export mixdown for a single audio track takes so long compared to the same track exported as “multiple” channel selection option. This last method is extremely faster, so I’m using it even to export only one track.

Why it happens and what “technically” changes in Cubase mixdown process between the two options (single vs multiple)?


I think it’s the bypassing of the master buss.

You can mix down a single track in the multi export window.

Thanks, but 1. of course there’s nothing in the master bus and 2. sure I can export a single track, as said in my post, using the multi channel export . I wanted to know why it happens and what is the reason for the different export times.

Thanks, but I’m not talking about inserts in the masterbuss.

I’m saying i think the times are different because it’s exporting from the outputs prior to the masterbuss.

Understand what you mean…

Anyone knows yet why the huge speed difference between SINGLE vs MULTIPLE audio mixdown? Of course, confirming that all the settings stay the same for both mixdown types (same eq, effects, master bus, etc.).

Working so many hours per day on Cubase and exporting hundred times per week, I really would like to know and understand why the SINGLE audio mixdown is so slow compared to the MULTIPLE.

PS: Cubase 10.5 Pro.

Thanks again!