Audio Mixdown to separate tracks for Backtrack Playback.

Hi Folks,

I want to be able to playback my backing tracks recorded in Cubase on a portable multitrack wav file player. I have no problem doing stereo mixdowns, but how do I go about doing mixdowns with, say, Stereo Drums, Bass on a third track, and extra synths or horn parts on separate tracks. (plus My live keys & vocals) The whole would then be available to mix & eq in a live situation?

I haven’t decided which playback device to go for at the moment (I’ve been looking at ‘Zoom’ & ‘Tascam’ units and the like), but I was hoping to be able to prepare everything by mixing down all my material in the correct file format, ready to port over to the file player I eventually choose.

I have already done some test mixdowns with various separate tracks but I can’t see how they would all playback in sync.

Using a laptop running Cubase live is not really an option because I obviously need to access each song quickly.

Any ideas anyone?

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Use File > Export > Audio Mixdown. Enable Export Multiple Channels option here. In the centre of the Export Audio Mixdown window, you can choose, what channel should be exported. You will get several exported files, based on the channels.

What about organizing all songs needed in a single project? It’s simple to jump between songs using markers.

Thanks Martin & marQs for your suggestions. Already done the multi mixdown but unsure how they will playback in the Hardware player that I choose. More on that in a sec. I also considered the ‘Single file with markers’ but I have something like 8 hours of tracks. Hmmm.

To update I may have found a solution A unit called Cymatic Audio LP16 Dutch company. I’ll investigate further!

Cheers folks