Audio mixdown Unexpected Error

Nuendo 5.53 64-bit Windows 7

I have a session thats comprised of multiple sample rates, bit depths, and a mix of broadcast wave and microsoft .wav files.

Sends to about 6 FX tracks total with most only 1 plug-in, one track has 3 plug-ins. Relatively low processing power used.

Around 5 folders containing the tracks that make up the piece.

When I export audio mixdown, everything operates as normal unless I choose the destination path box. It spins the think-ring and just sits. The task-bar menus work, and you can exit the audio mixdown window and move windows around the edit bay (the arrow still the processing symbol)

Interacting with the session is impossible.

When you hit export within the audio mixdown menu it fails by displaying an “Unexpected Error” … no more information is given.

I think this is by far the crazies Nuendo problem I have experienced. I have had multiple sessions with this setup and this problem never existed.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!


I re-named the audio file in the file naming box to something substantially different and the audio mixdown worked. While solving my issue mostly… this is a really weird issue and it’ll make your brain explode if you think about it too long.

Just a thank you note. I had the same issue in cubase 10 and out of desperation I tried your renaming fix - low and behold I am able to export my track again. Thank you for the idea, my friend!