Audio Mixdown > .wave makes strange sounds...

I have made ​​some songs in Cubase Elements 7 and when I press the File> Export> Audio mixdown, and want to make the file to .wave, it is lot of sound in the wave song that does not sound like it does when I play the music in cubase.

I use VST instruments and automation. And many sounds (in the wave-file) do not match the settings I have done with automation, eg cut-off, resonance, etc.

Could you post an example/examples? That might give some clues.

Are you selecting the main audio outputs in the export window?

It looks like this…

Sorry for taking a while to reply.

Do you think it’s just an automation problem? Are you using an ASIO audio driver? Sometimes using cheap soundcard drivers (particularly non-asio) can mean theres a lag in the automation and nothing will happen at quite the right time.

Have you tried ticking the ‘real-time’ export option and export at 16-bits as a test to see if the resulting sound changes.

If none of this works could you post an audio file and point out the bits you think are wrong?

Ok I tried clicking the “Real-Time Export” button …
But I wonder about the 16 Bit if it is “worse” sound quality than 32 bit?

I must also point out that there are “small errors” when I export the song / songs to wave that sometimes I can not hear if it is wrong or not.

A button I clicked on “Update Display” is good when everything in the song is updated (takes a little longer to export) but I have heard the wrong attributed to the button has been checked.

And yes, I have a cheap sound card, but I did not think it would affect exports ring like this …