Audio mixdown working properly with VSTIs?

Hi all,

I have suffered long with the strange behaviour in C5 whereby exporting mixdowns would reliably leave out any audio from Prolog (and I think some people suffered with HalionOne, too). There were a few threads about that, and the suggested workarounds were variably successful (for me, this occurred using CStudio5 64 on Vista and no amount of freezing, soloing, exporting in realtime etc would make any dependable difference).

I’m not going to go into the details of previous discussions, but wondered if anyone who had encountered such problems on C5 had found them fixed in C6? That alone, for me, would be worth the upgrade!


Hello Thes,

we have tested it on 02.11.2010 16:32:17 with Cubase 6 and it passed the test. So it should work again :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply Chris, much appreciated.

That’s excellent news for me - saves me a lot of trouble recording instrument channels out to group tracks and all that.

One upgrade coming up!

Thanks again,

So I finally tracked down a copy of the upgrade and now have C6 up and running.

Loaded up one of my CS5 projects which ALWAYS caused issues during export and it worked like an absolute dream. I didn’t need to try realtime and battle with cpu overloads, didn’t need to send VSTIs out to a separate channel and record them separately - just plain old export mixdown worked.

It made me very happy.

Thanks Steinberg!