Audio Mixdown

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Cubase and I want to do an audio mix down to MP3 of a project that contains a piano MIDI recording driving an external synth. When I try this I get an empty file. I checked the ‘real-time’ record option in the export window and the meters show the expected activity - but no music in the final file. It works fine if I copy the MIDI track to a software instrument track (Kontakt 5).

I’m clearly missing something here. I am not using the external instrument settings - instead I have a set of stereo audio tracks set to monitor my outboard synths. Is this the problem?

Many thanks


Cubase 6.5 Mac Pro Quad core OSX Lion

Record the piano to Cubase first.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I’d pretty much worked out that that was the case. I’m more used to Logic where you can bounce all tracks that are routed to a given output, regardless of their origin.