Audio monitoring question


I’m pretty new to Cubase after switching from Logic (I refuse to buy another Mac - far too expensive!) I’m liking it so far but I’m just trying to get my bearings with a few things.

The main thing that is bugging me at the moment is audio monitoring. I’m mainly recording electric guitar via a Focusrite 2i2 interface. If I enable monitoring (by clicking the monitor speaker icon on the track) and start recording I can hear my guitar as I record but I can’t hear any of the other audio I’ve already recorded on that track. If I unclick the monitor icon to disable monitoring, I can hear everything I’ve recording on that track so far, but I can’t hear my guitar as I record it.

I’m sure this is a simple thing to resolve but i can’t figure it out and can’t find a solution online or in the manual.

If someone could advise I would be very grateful.



(edited to correct error)

Windows 10 Pro (latest version)
Cubase Artist 10.5
Core i7 4790k
16gb RAM
Samsung Evo 860 500gb SSD (OS)
Samsung Evo 860 2tb SSD (Cubase, VSTs, projects etc)

Do you mean the ‘M’ next to the ‘S’? That’s the mute button. Monitor is the one that looks like a loudspeaker symbol to the right of the record button.

Sorry, I mean the button that looks like a speaker, not the M mute button. Apologies for that!

You can not monitor input and playback on the same track at the same time - if that was the question.

Thanks, yes that was the question. Apologies for not being clear. Seems like a bit of a limitation that you can’t do it though.

To explain it more in detail:
Cubase can EITHER let you hear the already recorded signal OR the external signal that is routed to a track.
If you want to do punch in/out there is of course a way to let you hear the already recorded track up to the “punch in” point and then hear yourself playing and switch back after the “punch out” point again.
There is a program setting that allows you to determin how the monitor-button behaves. Usually “tape machine style” is what you might want.
If you want to hear the already recorded signal also at the same time with the signal you are just recording, there is no other way than having an own track, fed by the external signal for recording. It is relatively easy to transfer the parts and events from this Track to the other one later.
Hope to help.

Thanks for the explanation Elien. I’ll look into the punch in settings, I’ve not read how to do that yet.

I think having an extra identical track for recording seems to be the way forward though for what I want.

You will find the “tape machine style” as an option in the program settings - sorry I dont have the detail in mind.

For the identical track - maybe it is even helpful to be aware thate you can of course route one physical input to various tracks at the same time and just record on the track of your “desire” :slight_smile:

CHeers, Ernst

you find the monitoring setting in the program settings under “VST”! There are options like “tape machine style” . This will enable the monitoring (iow listeing to the external source) while in stop mode and while recording is on and disable monitoring while only “Play” is on - you will hear the recorded track in play mode then. This is what is useful in the puch in punch out mode, since it will allow to listen to the track before the punch in point and again after the punch in point. IN most cases one will not like to hear the previous take in this case - but sometimes it might be helpful to have this - which - as being said - can only be achieved by adding another track.

Brilliant, thanks again Elien. Some great info there.