Audio montage - auto arrange files


Is there any way to auto arrange files when or after inserting into a montage?
(preparing for CD writing, with x ms gaps between the files)


Check the options in the CD Wizard.

I always arrange the clips manually and fine tune the spacing between songs etc, and then use the attached CD Wizard settings to add markers. But as you can see in the attached image, there are other settings in the CD Wizard that you may want to use if you don’t want to actually listen.

”I always arrange the clips manually and fine tune the spacing between songs etc…”
And how can you arrange them automatically in the montage window? I wouldn’t like to align them by hand. After inserting some audio files all of them are aligned to the start position instead of to the end of the previous track.

In the preferences of WaveLab you can determine if by default, there is 0s space added between the files, or a certain amount that you enter.

If you want to change the spacing after the files are inserted into a montage, you can use the CD Wizard.

Are you talking about adjusting the spacing between the clips? Or the order in which the clips appear on the timeline?

Maybe you have to pay more attention to this window when inserting the files:

The top part allows you to determine the song/clip order and the lower part gives you some options about how they are inserted.

If I insert audio files into a montage, I get this:

I want to get this automatically:

I think the two options are to put all the clips on one track one after another, or staggered on two tracks back and forth and one after another.

With the ability to do Clip FX, I don’t find it necessary to put each song on its own track and one after another on the timeline but maybe you can convince PG to make this a feature request if you really need it.

The best way I see now is to choose the stagger option, then add as many tracks as you need, and then in the clips tab you can assign each clip to a new track of its own.

Most cases, thanks to clip FX, my montages look like this:

This way you get bigger waveforms and you can put FX right on each clip instead of each track which is a more efficient way to work and render usually.

But, maybe you have a good case why each clip needs its own track?

Actually you have convinced me, thanks for your help!

No problem. Clip FX are the way to go for per song settings. In other non-mastering DAWs you need to have each song on its own track but since WaveLab has clip FX, it really makes it easy to use just one or two tracks for an entire album.

Most mastering DAWs have object/item/clip FX so you can have your session laid out like this.

The reason you see the stair-step layout sometimes is because Logic/Pro Tools/Cubase doesn’t have object/item/clip FX so it’s your only choice in those cases.

Using the stair-step method results in visually smaller waveforms, messier sessions (IMO), and sometimes wasted resources because the DAW is rendering plugins during parts of the project that don’t have any audio, which can increase your rendering times, and increase CPU load unnecessarily. Overall, the Clip/Object/Item FX approach is more efficient in my opinion.

Typically, I have all my per song FX as clip FX, and then a limiter and dither on the montage output section for things that I want to globally effect/affect everything.

Thank you, very useful information.