Audio Montage, Burn CD


I have bought Wavelab 10 Elements. I have .wav files that I wish to put in an ISO and burn to a CD.

Despite looking in the program, reading the PDF manual and looking at various videos on Youtube It is not obvious/intuitive to me how to do this.
Everything seems to be saying what can be done rather than how to do it.

Is there a book or a set of videos where I can learn what I need?



Create a new Audio montage p 148 (manual WL 10 Elements).

To import audio files, click Audio File to Montage, select the audio files that you want to import, and click Import.

P 177,178, 179 in manual WL 10 Elements :
Write Audio CD Opens the Write Audio CD or DDP dialog that allows you to write a CD.
Check CD Conformity !
Then : p218