Audio Montage Clip Selection?

I’m new to this forum and am thinking of purchasing Wavelab Elements 8 and am using the trial version first but I just had a simple question to ask; Is there a way to make a highlight a selection in my clips in the Audio Montage section? I want to be able to highlight a section of the clip so it plays the loops over and over again. I remember when I used Wavelab 7 (Full version) you could highlight it by going to the bottom part of the clip and holding the mouse and dragging it to where you wanted the selection to be. I’ve been reading the manual and searching online but haven’t been able to find the answer :confused: Thanks in advance for the answers.

In the WaveLab Element montage, there is no Time selection concept, as in WaveLab.
But you could use Loop markers.

Cool, thank you for the reply. I was having the hardest time trying to figure it out. Now I know, and will use loop markers.