Audio-musical mode

When changing the tempo of a song, and having musical mode engaged in the inspector, the audio files do not conform to the new tempo. I find that i need to also engage musical mode in the audio pool.

I’d like to know if there is a way to set thing up so that my default is “musical mode” in the audio pool.

I already have chosen “Musical” in Preferences/Editing.

To change the tempo and to have the audio clips changed properly, I think you need to set musical timebase, aside from musical mode.

Please check out this great post:

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I’m able to successfully change tempos when I engage the correct settings. What I would like is to not have to go into the pool and change all of the audio files to musical mode.

It’s not enough to just create an audio track and then choose musical mode in the inspector. I need to go to the pool and make the changes there as well.

I’d like to be able musical mode to be the default in my pool settings. I am not able to find this option in my preferences.

You can set the audio file to musical mode from the info line in the project view and audio editor.

No. Did you read the article linked above? Tracks do not have Modes that can be set to anything.

Tracks only have a Timebase & not a Mode.

Audio files only have a Mode & not a Timebase.

Timebase & Mode do different things for different purposes. The settings aren’t linked for a reason. If you are playing around with Tempos and don’t understand the distinction between Modes & Timebase you are asking for some very messed up audio in your Projects.

I’m guessing you also aren’t aware that you can select all your Audio in the Pool and set them to Musical Mode with a single click. A few seconds hardly seems onerous. While I haven’t verified this, you can probably do the whole thing with a Macro & Key Command. Also, it’s always a good idea to double check (and correct if needed) the Audio Files’ Tempo Settings to make sure it’s correct before enabling Musical Mode.

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Except then I go on Splice, and download a new sample, and now I gotta dig it up from the pool again, to change it.
And then I import a loop from a Maschine expansion, and now I gotta dig it up from the pool again, to change it.

Some producers only ever want Musical Mode for their audio. Seems reasonable to have some kind of option, or just remember whatever the last setting was, to improve this workflow.
The article even says that this mode is probably the most common mode for musical workflows:

So, why is the most common mode not possible to set as the default?

No idea. That’s what feature requests are for. Seems like a Preference would make sense.

No you don’t. If you are using the Audio clip on the Project Page, just select it and change it via the Info Line - no Pool needed. Also if you create something like a Macro that sets ALL the Audio Files to Musical Mode then there is no need to “dig it up from the pool again” as you wouldn’t need to find any specific file.

Just as a side note when Cubase imports an Audio file it respects and retains the settings on the original file. If you have any old Acid files that were “Acidized” (which is functionally the same as Musical Mode) then they have metadata with that info. If you import them into Cubase you’ll find they are set to Musical Mode. If your loop vendors offer Acidized versions of their libraries maybe use those instead. The same thing happens for any Audio Files that have had their Tempo Definition set.

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