Audio noise when opening session

I have an odd issue with Cubase 9 specificially, and I never had this happen in Cubase 8. Sometimes I will get a short burst of noise, maybe half a second blip of distortion, and this happens instantly after clicking open and a session starts to load. Has anyone else experienced this? My interface is an RME HDSPe AIO.


I haven’t experienced this. Is it always with the same project? Is it with some projects only?


I use an RME Raydat card, so most likely the same driver as you do. I do not experience the problem.

One Idea: Can it be that you have some other Devices connected that are not in sync clockwise? (You can see the clock source in your driver-application and change it if necessary).

Generally speaking I would guess that mismatch of clocks could be the source of your problems. Or alternatively something with the sample rates.

HTH, Ernst

It’s a bug. I sometimes get it (notice it more) when I master, happens at the end. I have to the trim it out. As far as I am able to tell, it seems to be related to synth instruments in the mix. Very, very random.


What Audio Device do you have? Also RME? Do you think, it’s bug in Cubase or on RME side?

It’s gotta be something specific to 9. I never had it happen in Cubase 8.5 or earlier.