Audio not in sync with its video


Recently I have been having this issue where if I import a video into Cubase Pro 9.5, the audio of that video will be out of sync. The audio will be ahead by about 5 seconds and will be missing the first few seconds of the audio. Furthermore, if I open a video on Windows’ default video player…the same thing happens, and if I use QuickTime to watch a video, the audio is somehow in sync perfectly fine…so I’m wondering if it’s a windows problem and not Cubase but I figured I would ask here anyway.

Just to note: I have windows 10, and have imported videos to Cubase and haven’t seen this problem until recently. Thank you.


What video codec do you use, please? Where was the video rendered (which application)? What is the frame rate? What is the Sample Rate of the sound in the video, and what is the Sample Rate of your project and your Audio Device? Are all of these in sync?

I have the same problem. Import an MP4 the audio is a frame shorter. Import the same video into Vegas Pro no problem. The video audio is out of sync with the files bought in via OMF and creates flanging. I want the video audio as a reference. Video is coming from a Premiere project. All sample rates are 48khz. Running Nuendo 8.3


Could you please relay all questions I asked above?

Could you share a short video example, please?