Audio on video has stopped playing

I’ve been having a ton of trouble with this project, and I just reimported the flow in to a brand new project and rebuilding all the VST connections in the hopes that it will make it more stable.

So far, it’s working, but I have a video synced to the flow, and for some reason when I play back it shows the video playing (I have embeded timecode), but there is no audio coming out. In the mixer popup, there is no audio coming out of the video track. Has anyone seen this and do you know what I can do to get the audio back? Thanks!

I have read other threads on this issue.

My project is at 48K. My video is at 48K. I checked the temp folder and the audio that was extracted from the video is at 48K. I also tried renaming the source video and reattaching it. The temp folder created a new .wav file also at 48K. But still no sound is coming from the video. Video plays fine on VLC and was working in Dorico until tonight. Mute button is not on in the Mixer.

The issue is in the project itself. I just created a new blank project and attached the same video an it works. Awesome…what do I do now? Thanks!

Is the audio channel for the video maybe muted in the Dorico mixer?

Or could you please load the faulty project and do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Channel isn’t muted in the mixer. I will email you the diagnostic report now (it’s 4.1 meg so I can’t attach here). Thank you so much.