Audio only playing in right speaker for imported midi

Hi. Whenever I import midi files they always play back through the right speaker. I adjust this in the mixer and it plays temporarily through both speakers. Then when I stop playback to work on the piece, then hit play again, it goes back to only the right speaker. Its really frustrating. Can you help please?

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Welcome to the forum, Louisa. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Do all projects you create have this problem, or does it appear to be limited to the MIDI files you import?

If the problem is limited to imported MIDI files, perhaps the problem is that the MIDI files have continuous controller changes on controller 10, which is causing a hard pan to the left? If you open the controller lane in Play mode, do you see an asterisk by controller 10 in the menu of controllers?

Hi. Thanks for this. It happens with most (not all) midi files when I import them. And for those, the channels with asterisks are 6, 7, 10, 39, 42, 100 and 101…

Perhaps you could zip up and attach one of the problematic MIDI files to a reply here so that we can take a look?

Here’s one of them. Thanks so much, I’d really appreciate your help to solve this…
Lou song (4.4 KB)

All tracks in the MIDI-file are hard panned right.
Try this one.


Lou song (4.0 KB)

Thanks, that works. These are midi files I’m exporting from a programme called Scorecloud. Some are panned right, and some aren’t. I’m migrating all my songs into Dorico this way. Do you know how I can stop this from happening in future?

Don’t know Scorecloud. Usually there is a setting to apply settings destructively before exporting MIDI. Or better ask someone at ScoreCloud.


@louisalynepatterson hello,
We, I’m not familiar with ScoreCloud, too, but you can fix the things manually in Play Mode by deleting the changes for CC 10 in the Automation Lanes. It will bring the Pan to the Center.
Read the whole Automation Lanes related topis in the Help Documentation. :slight_smile:
Here you can check a video about the MIDI Automation: How to Work With Automation in Dorico | Getting Started with Dorico 2 - YouTube
The video is for version 2 of Dorico, but the things work in a very similar way in 3.5, too.
It’s not hard job, but surely it will take time to fix all your problematic files.

Best wishes,

This is so helpful Thurisaz thank you!