Audio only recieved in left channel earphones at clients VST Connect Performer

Hi all creative people out there,
I´ve tried to establish a solid connection to a client living in another country with the help of VST connect Pro 5.6 (full version) (and the client with VST connect Performer 5.6.) We seem to get a good working connection Broadband-wise, I personally have 500Mbit in & out. The client 1000Mbit.
I work in the studio with Cubase 12 Pro.

Now, the client has a Mac-book and receives stereo sound in L&R ear in HP from the Audio interface (M-Audio SOLO) and other Apps BUT when it comes to VST Connect Performer only in the Left ear. I can watch both mine and the clients meters move and in stereo!
I’ve even used local network at my studio with VST connect performer on a Windows laptop and it works perfectly fine.
The setup of the programs on each side is done by the manual.
Yes, The panning is set to -c-.

So, what is the reason for only hearing the left side of the mix?
Any suggestions to troubleshoot?
I´m not experienced in Apple computers so if there´s a detail in that matter i´m not aware of, You guys are more than welcome to share

If meters move and pan is centered, there is no appearent reason for this problem.
Try to re-assign the Performer Master Output.


Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 11.48.29

please check that “Stereo” is selected and not one of the other entries. In this case “Speakers 1” would be left channel only.

See you,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the input, although since we tried both the internal sound-card as well as the External audio-interface and they both created the same issue, only left side hearing, Does this MAC book feature affect the external audio-intreface as well?
I`m not a MAC user myself. And if i may add, on my end the Choises displayed in your picture wasn´t avaiable when I did the setup on the clients side in my VST Connect PRO.

I will however pass thru your tip to the client to check!
again, Thank you!


Thx for the tip. Tried it and failed, and yes the meters from the STUDIO channel as well as the MASTER channel on both mine VSTC and and the clients VSTC Performer does are centered and shows L&R movement.

grateful for response though.

Best regards

Thank you all for support.
After a clean reboot meticulously done by client it now works as intended.
Actual reason why the malfunction appeared still unknown.