Audio only recording on right side?

Hi! I’m really new to cubase so please excuse my ignorance about everything. When I first started recording audio for my current project, it recorded on both left and right. And now, while they’re all still stereo tracks, they’re only recording and playing back in the right side. When I try to balance it out on the fader, it’s at center, and no matter if I switch it to the left or right, nothing changes. I would like to know how I can force what I’ve already recorded to play back in both left and right, and how to change the settings so I can record both left and right in the future. Thanks!

Hello and welcome,

Please make sure if you are using only one microphone that you create a mono audio track (Project->Add Track->Audio) under configuration please select “mono”, be sure to also name your track.

Thank you.

how would I go about changing the tracks that i’ve already recorded to mono? Also, I do have one mic, but when I started recording originally in stereo, both left and right was activated. but now only the right side is. i don’t know how to get it back.

Use a mono input bus for the stereo track.