Audio out of sync after adding Spectralayers Pro 8 in Cubase 11

Hey Guys,

I’ve just today purchased Spectralayers Pro 8 and was trying it on a 32-bit float audio clip of a wedding speech, this was quite a long speech so I trimmed the clip just to the section I wanted. I duplicated the track so I could compare my changes with and without SL. This could be complete user error as it’s my first day using it but when I added SL to my track1 the audio on playback had shifted about 2m20seconds forward from the duplicate track that didn’t have SL added. if you look at both tracks waveforms are synced but the audio is way out, if I remove SL from my track1 the audio is back in sync again.

I also tried it with a 16-bit file and it seemed to be ok, could there be an issue with 32-bit float and SL? or am I just being stupid and have missed a setting or something?

Thanks for any assistance.


Think I figured it out, looks like a sample rate issue, my file was 48khz, project was set at 44khz, got them all set correctly and it’s working, sorry for the noise.


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