Audio out of sync when exporting audio files

I’m trying to bounce/consolidate some stems when i export the audio files though the start of the first hit is missing and the timing of the files has the 4/4 kick coming in early?

In this case i’m routing 2 audio tracks through a group and trying to export that group. The delay compensation turns all my plugins on the bus off so thats no use.

Is there another way to do this other than export audio like “consolidate” in abelton or “resample”. Or able to arm tracks and record like in Reaper?


Ok so i can render in place for normal audio tracks I’m sure that will be fine when i’m just wanting to bounce a stem with lots of edits into one place, but how can i get the output for a bus to render properly without it missing the initial part of the loop and no be out of time too?

I’m using Artist 10.

Help pls

If i put delay compensation on it bounces it in the right place but the plugins on the group channel are not getting bounced down :frowning:

What am I missing here?

How do i bounce out the output from a bus with plugins without the first hit being clipped and with it being in time and loopable?

Help pls

You can not “put delay.compensation on” so what are you talking about?

If i turn on"constrain delay compensation" button (so the button is orange) then it exports the audio in the correct position however the plugins are all turned off. Thats what I’m talking about. As i said delay compensation.

Then some plugin is misbehaving, try bouncing down in real time.

Ok so a plugin was causing this but, weirdly, only when it was in “bypass” mode. If the plugin was turned on, or completely off, then the audio was exported ok but if it was greyed out and bypassed then it caused an issue. Bizzarre. Phew!