Audio Out options in Dorico Pro 2.2 vs Mojave

I’m running Dorico 2.2 on a new (2018) Mac mini under Mojave 10.14.1.

I can send system audio, and output from other audio apps out to either the “External Headphones” output, which I prefer, or to “Mac mini Speakers”.

Dorico’s Device Setup offers 2 choices, both labeled “Built-in Audio”. No matter which one I choose, the output of Dorico is routed to the internal speakers. I can’t get it to output to the headphone jack, which I have connected to a JBL speaker bar via mini-plug.

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Does this help?

Yes, great, that sorted it. It might merit a sticky note; it’s not intuitive, and my search on the forum didn’t turn up a solution.

Thanks again!

This Rogue Amoeba blog post also adds some information about the new hardware.