Audio Output Assign For Instrument Tracks


Using a couple of VST Instrument tracks here … and suddenly became aware that the Inspector for the track shows Source MIDI Input / MIDI Destination (the instrument) but no selector for the Audio Output …

I went to the Mixer Panel and was able to assign it from there (at the top of the extended mixer panel) but where has it gone in the actual Instrument Track?

Probably being blind … but a prod would help!



Cubase 5.5. 2 on Mac OS10.6.6

The way it’s always been.

Huh … never really noticed that before. I usuallyy go to the VST Rack first and assign outs in the VST Channel inspector… but recently the Instrument Tracks have attracted me.

But it makes no sense to me that they don’t have an audio output selector … even if just for interface consistency.

Steinberg? Feature request?


You might have noticed, we´re on Cubase 6 already, with on last update remaining for v.5 so I don´t think there´s much use in posting feature request for C 5

+1 for buss assignment on VST instrument tracks.

One would think this would occur before multi-out’s