Audio output changes

My audio device is regularly switching from the headphones to the speakers. I restore the headphones in device setup without any other fiddling.
It’s not consistent but happens when I edit a voice and then switch voice selection.
Here’s the report if it’s helpful.

Dorico (1.9 MB)

Thanks for the diagnostics, @lafin .

Do you only work with Dorico or also with other programs that use audio?
From the logs I can see that you run your computer for several days, like from Oct. 5th to 8th. During that time there were 40 log entries with notifications from the system, that the audio device (in your case Built-in Audio) was reset. These resets come from the system and are not initiated from Dorico or its audio engine. Furthermore, Dorico sees your audio device only ever as Built-in Audio and does not know if it is currently playing out to the headphones or the speakers.
So I can’t imagine how voice editing in Dorico could change the routing of your audio device.
The frequent device resets must come from somewhere external where Dorico has no control over.
Could even be - but it’s just speculation - a hardware problem.
At this moment there is nothing more that I can help with, unless you find a way of reliably reproducing the problem.

Thank you for looking into it. I only use the music app and audio through Safari or Opera browsers. Hopefully it won’t become a serious hardware issue.