audio output error?

Hello, before I start this, beg pardon for any silly descriptions or questions because this really is my first time setting up stuff and I’m generally technologically challenged.

Just to get started, I got a CI1 that comes with Sequel LE and Wavelab. The guy at the shop said this was entry level so I thought it’d be easy, but I think I got lost somewhere along set up.

Everything is installed as instructed, everything works fine - except whenever I start Sequel, I get this error message:

Whenever I hit play, there’s no sound at all. If I stick with the default audio settings in Sequel, playback’s fine. But I want to use my sound card with the program, and when I switch input to CI1, there’s no sound.
I would think that all I need is to connect my headphones straight to the sound card, but since I get this error message, I’m thinking it could be a different issue altogether?

So completely clueless about this. Is this a simple problem? Quick fixes anyone? It’d be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you try to disable your onboard (Realtek) audio?

Also be sure to have your interface plugged in/powered up before launching Sequel. And try to avoid using USB 3.0 ports.

Then go to Device Setup and confirm that the proper ASIO driver is selected.

Open VST Connections and assign your desired inputs/outputs.

Hey guys, im new to this recording software. im trying to use a digitech rp 255 with cubase but the rp255 driver doesn’t appear in the driver drop-down menu in device setup. Nor can i find the rp 255 in MIDI configurations. there are only 3 digitech products listed, nothing relating to the rp255 or how i can begin recording with the pedal. help quick! Please and thank you!

Hi metalhead!

If you listen to Slayer’s God Hates Us All while trying to get things set up it should help :smiling_imp: .

But, seriously …

Have you installed the driver for the RP255?

Make sure it’s connected before starting Cubase.

Some more system details would help. I’m assuming Cubase LE4 by looking at the Digitech site?