audio output is low volume

Hi all,

Sorry to post another question so soon. I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements on Windows 7, along with a Focusrite Scarlett CM25 mic and 2i2 audio interface to record solo classical guitar. I have the gain set at 12 o’clock. Any more and I pick up some kind of background hiss. Output is set near zero. It all sounds great to me while recording and listening to playback on Cubase, but I have the output to the headphones set pretty high. When I export as a .wav file, however, it’s clear that the output volume is way too low.

I’d appreciate any suggestions. I hope it’s not simply that I have to increase the gain on the mic, because that will introduce a lot of hiss and necessitate post-recording messing around. I’ve already tried using higher gain and then applying Noise Gate, but this clips the quieter notes from the guitar.


Since posting, I’ve noticed that changing the VSTDynamics Insert greatly affects the output volume. For example, “Strumming guitar” gives a much louder output than “Clean picking guitar”. And yet there’s no change in Equalizer settings between these two inserts. This means I have no way of knowing how the various changes that I hear correspond to changes in the Equalizer settings. Or should I be looking somewhere else entirely?

Still hoping for a reply to this.

1.The first place to look at - although you don´t want to hear that - is the Mic Input Gain
2.You should start to learn, what the different FX do, also I don´t understand what you mean when you talk about Equalizer settings?!

Thanks so much for your reply! OK, gain, fair enough. I’ll try to push it and see if I can get minimal background noise, maybe post-recording. And true, I haven’t played with the Fx other than to turn them off.

By equalizer settings, I mean that I can raise the decibels for the various bands and increase output volume that way.

Again, many thanks!