Audio Output Malfunction?

Hi there,

I’m reinstalling my Cubase 9 Pro product from my old laptop to my new one. However, while the Audio Outputs notification says it’s connected, no sound comes from anything inside the work space.

The speakers are set to Stereo, the device used is RealtekASIO, and the device outputs are HD Audio Outputs 1 / 2.

There are no other options when I click to change the audio device or the device outputs. Can anyone offer a possible solution?

I’ve tried different possible solutions: restarting the software, updating my drivers, and (trying to) install a driver.

Restarting my software was just a quick check, but nothing was fixed. I may just reinstall the software, but I doubt that would change anything.

I updated my laptop and the drivers within it, but nothing changed.

Lastly, I’ve tried to import/download the driver I used to use, Realtek HD Audio Driver (instead of Realtek Audio Driver), but my laptop would download it only to delete it after the download. This is strange because I’ve researched supporting drivers for this laptop, Inspiron 7386, and that driver is supported.

At my last effort alone, I’ll try to connect speakers to my laptop and see if that fixes the sound output issue.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll just continue using my old laptop; but it’s life is close to an end, so I don’t want to consider that solution.

Please, could someone help me out?

A thought… try downloading and using the asio4all audio driver.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I cannot show I thankful I am for your help just from typing.

I was ready to give up and see how long my old laptop would last.

Thank you very much!

Hi, I am having a similar problem. Mine is a little different in that the only output option that is showing up is for the crappy little speakers that are built into my video display. The RealTek HD Audio is not in the list. RealTek works fine Band In a Box and other audio output. I have tried ASIO4All but that does not help, in fact the crappy speakers do not even show up. When attempting to use the latest Steinberg ASIO it just errors out and doesn’t switch driver. Any ideas?

Windows 10, CUBase AI 10.0.10 Build 100