Audio output PROBLEM

Hello everyone, im new to this forum and pardon me if im posting this topic at the wrong place but i tried to categorise myself as good as i could.

I just bought a Lexicon Alpha, and along with that a Cubase LE5 software. I connected my portable speakers into the headphone jack of the Lexicon and so all sound from my PC goes through the Lexicon and out the speakers. The problem is that when I use Cubase LE5, its occupying the ASIO driver.
Hence i can only hear the stuff happening in Cubase, all other sounds are muted.

How can I both use Cubase and use for example youtube to listen at the same time?
Im using OS: win8.2

Thanks in advance!


Some ASIO drivers are only single client, not multi. That means only available in one app at a time. I’d check with Lexicon to see if any driver updates exist to fix that. If not, I’d return the unit for other.