Audio Output Settings

I work on projects in Dropbox with people who are using different Audio Interfaces and every time I open a project one of them has worked in, my interface output settings default to my Soundcraft Mixer on channels 1 and 2 even though my computer has the default output set to channels 9 and 10. I have a preset that sets the inputs and outputs properly and I just hit F4 to open the window to use the preset but I am wondering if there’s a way to automatically use that preset when I open Cubase. I looked at making a macro but there’s no way to add keystrokes so I need another way.


you could always look into VST Transit and maybe you and the people you are working with think that is a good option - then you just go in and start working from where the other guys left off. it took me a little time to wrap my head around what is possible as I thought it would be much more advanced for editing other peoples track, but it may be a good solution for you once everybody understands what can be done on each others sides.

if you transport you project from computer to computer you must load your preset manually as far as I can tell too.

The project remains in Dropbox and we all open and work in the same file. It is just a matter of who saves it and that changes the Audio Connections. When I open the file, my computer sets the connection to my Soundcraft mixer but for some reason the default setting for it is channels 1 and 2.