Audio output

Hi, I’m new to Dorico and trying to get my audio set up. I have an M1 Mac mini and at first, I could only get sound from the onboard speaker no matter how much I changed the Mac audio settings. In Device Setup, I switched ASIO to my AirPods Pro, but it still played out of the speakers. In the Device Control Panel I was able to change it to some wired earbuds, but I can’t seem to get the AirPods Pro to work. I’m just trying to play back a basic song with piano and violin.

At the top of the page, search “airpods” in Dorico. You will see a list of threads on the topic which one hopes will lead you to a solution.

In addition @Ulf may respond, Steinberg’s audio guru. He has helped many people here, but is probably sleeping at this hour where he lives.

And welcome to the forum, @dlebel777

Hi, have a look at the FAQ thread , there is a section on Bluetooth headsets, just follow that advice. Let me know should you still have trouble.